Topics and Panel listing



Consumer Shifts in Media
Explores the widespread use of smartphones, its impact on geological shift and how users consume content

It’s a 5G world
How the spread of 5G availability will impact the world of media and what’s the next step to prepare for the 5G world

Automation in Media
The tools of automation, their pros and cons, and what’s next in the industry

It’s a Vertical World
Current changes in filming and short-form

Human and Machine Collaboration
How much AI and Machine translation can impact content translation and localization consistency


The Asian Media Market
What triggers content buyers to purchase/view your content and how to overcome global challenges

The Next Big Thing
The most popular Asian content, trends by demographics, and what works internationally (Arab, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, and Indian content)

Global Asian Content Buying
What the US and EU market are looking for in Asian media

The Hallyu Wave
What impact K-pop, K-drama, and K-variety are having on global trends and the market

Japanese Content Era,
Black and White

The trail of globalization of Japanese media as a precedent and the lessons we learned

The New Format Market
Asia’s growth in co-production and exports of formats


Audio Description, SDH, Sign Language, and dubbing… the how and why of it all

Subtitles & Graphics
How creative subtitle fonts and graphics can impact a show and the technology behind it

Audio Description
The emerging Market, what’s the prospect and how to set the standard around the world


The Measure of Quality
Ideas on ways of standardizing quality control and putting out nearly perfect content

Transcreation vs. Translation
Improving the process behind it for better localization of content

Automation of Localization
Technology advances that are being used to assist translators and template creators

The Dubbing World, Part 1
How dubbing in countries will change and the market trends and testing

The Dubbing World, Part 2
The importance of dubbing quality in depicting characters and content

Lost in Translation
The importance of localization; current challenges and better solutions. Ways apply localization in the production process.


Hiccups in Globalization
Restrictions and Standards in other countries and how to overcome them

Cultural Challenges
How to identify the cultural challenges in Content and Marketing

Digital Licensing
The ways to manage content licensing to reduce your headaches and stay in budget

Securing Rights and Production Formats
The legalities and issues of intellectual property